JP Morgan hacker is caught by the US; here’s all you need to know

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JP Morgan Chase data leak in 2014 came as a big shock for its 76 million customers. The Russian hacker behind the largest theft of consumer data has now been extradited to the United States.

The mystery figure in the biggest financial hack of all time is in the US custody. Andrei Tyurin, a Russian hacker performed the key cyber work in a hack of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and a dozen other companies. He along with other hackers in the group were extradited to New York on Friday from the Republic of Georgia. The arrest was an outcome of a year-long investigation that helped in unmasking Tyurin.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Tyurin played a major role in a gang of hackers that conducted a number of financial crimes in many institutions. Apart from JP Morgan Chase, other targeted companies include Fidelity Investments, Dow Jones & Co, E*Trade Financial Corp, and Scottrade Financial Services Inc.

The US authorities closely tracked this hacker that led to the disclosure of cyber breaches of several other financial firms. The actives performed by these hackers included an array of things right from security fraud, money laundering, credit card fraud, and fake pharmaceuticals.

The alleged conspirators were rounded up in 2015 in Israel on charges that included pump-and-dump stock market schemes and illegal internet casinos. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) worked along with K2 Intelligence agency on the JP Morgan data breach case. According to a statement to CBS New York, the Israeli crew was not among the sophisticated hackers in Eastern Europe region.

The mastermind of the scheme, Gery Shalon has also been arrested by the authorities. Shalon has not been brought to trial yet, however, he may have been involved in providing information on the activities of Tyurin and other involved cybercriminals. Authorities also said that Tyurin is among the class of Russian hackers tied to intelligence agencies that profit from criminal hacking while providing valuable information to their Russian minders.

Russian officials opposed the US extradition as Tyurin is also a wanted man in Russia. If Tyurin is convicted, he can face punishment of spending decades in the US prison.

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